Here at Cornerstone Family Therapy, we know that every individual is unique, and treatment is not a "one size fits all" approach.  We have multiple approaches to best suit the needs of each individual that is in our care. We focus on building the strength of individuals, bring to light dysfunctional thinking and behavioral patterns, and helping those we serve manage their emotions more effectively.  Our hope and desire for our clients is to live on purpose rather than being emotionally driven.


Treatment may include:

Emotional Regulation - Skill building techniques to help better manage your emotions so that you do not feel as though you are being controlled by your emotions.

Suicide Assessments- Specific evaluation that is utilized to determine the level of risk as well as safety plan.

Play Therapy- A form of therapy that is used with children utilizing play to help them tell their personal stories, while exploring their feelings and building rapport.

Parenting Support- Parent strategies and specific skills are offered to help address any behavior issues in children.

Conflict Resolution- Techniques taught to help resolve conflicts with others such as within families, romantic partner, etc.

Cognitive restructuring- Help to change negative or faulty ways of thinking which contributes greatly to distress such as depression and anxiety.