Here at Cornerstone Family Therapy, we know that every individual is unique, and treatment is not a "one size fits all" approach.  We have multiple approaches to best suit the needs of each individual that is in our care. We focus on building the strength of individuals, bring to light dysfunctional thinking and behavioral patterns, and helping those we serve manage their emotions more effectively.  Our hope and desire for our clients is to live on purpose rather than being emotionally driven.


Here are just a few of the services we provide here at Cornerstone Family Therapy,

ADD/ADHD- help to build skills to manage symptoms.    

Anxiety- overcome fears, resolve any negative self-talk. 

Career change/choice- find out if a career change is right for you and get help with the transition and find a meaningful career direction.                                      

Couples Counseling- restore connection/communication with your partner. 

Relationships- enhance communication and restore connection.                                                        

Depression-improve your mood, energy level, self-talk, and motivation.                                                                    

Low-self-esteem- work through your struggles in self-criticism and perfectionism.                                            

Grief and loss- cope with your loss and move through and understand the stages of grief.               

Parenting- help to build skills and cope with the challenges involve with parenting.                          

Stress management- learning to cope with life transitions that can be overwhelming.    

Online Therapy (coming soon)- get help in the comfort of your own home.